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All signs might show that the digital age has taken over, but in Los Angeles, there is hope for traditionalists yet.

Supervinyl is a newly-opened record store, located in Hollywood, that not only stocks a curated collection of classic and rare albums, but also a selection of turntables, speakers and audio equipment as well. Founded by Barry Perlman, the co-founder of Lucky Brand jeans, the boutique has been designed by the locally based architecture and design studio, Standard, who’ve created homes for retail brands such as Blu Dot, Helmut Lang and Intelligentsia coffee in the past.

Rather than appearing like a throwback to music’s golden era, Supervinyl LA’s whopping 1,750 sq ft space has been spliced with black stained oak display cases, panels with integrated lighting, eye-catching louvered ceiling panels and a natural concrete floor for a completely contemporary feel. Once past the black brick and glass storefront, visitors are met by a grid of records, organized in layered tiers that extend upwards toward eye level. This all-encompassing display continues deep into the store and curves around a table, where the turntables and other paraphernalia, including record crates and stands made from hard wood, is displayed.

The modular space also boasts several freestanding pedestals and display cases which can then be moved or reconfigured to form seating at the front of the space to accommodate live performances and band appearances.