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Rachel Eckroth


Eckroth can lead with a bold vision or accompany with the subtle skills necessary to make another musician shine. Her combination of jazz experimentation and pop feeling form the engine behind her own work as a leader or co-leader on 20 albums. That same crossover talent is why she’s been featured on voice and keyboards in the bands of Rufus Wainwright, St. Vincent, KT Tunstall, and Chris Botti. “This record is a departure,” says Eckroth. “It’s back to jazz, back to acoustic. And so it’s more human… just piano. And for the most part, acoustic instruments.”


Rachel Eckroth (piano)
Andrew Renfroe (guitar)
Billy Mohler (bass)
Tina Raymond (drums)

01 Humanoid 8:54 (Rachel Eckroth)*
02 Mind 8:48 (Rachel Eckroth)*
03 Lawns 7:43 (Carla Bley)
04 Under a Fig Tree 8:25 (Rachel Eckroth)
05 Fleurette Africaine 9:30 (Duke Ellington)*
06 Evolution 8:53 (Billy Mohler)*
07 Strange Meeting 7:37 (Bill Frisell)
08 Vines 8:44 (Rachel Eckroth)
(*) indicates tracks that appear on the vinyl LP.

Recorded live at Sam First in Los Angeles, CA on October 28 and 29, 2022

Paul Solomon – Executive Producer, Cover Photograph
David Robaire – Producer
Stuart Schenk – Recording Engineer
Nick Calapine – Mixing and Mastering Engineer
Sharonne Cohen – Liner Notes
Spencer Cole Porter – Designer

Special thanks to all project participants: Leta Eckroth, Courtney Jenkins, Dayton Larson, Richard Eckroth