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Rega Elex-R

Elegant 90Wpc Rega Elex-R Integrated Amplifier Excels with Analog and Digital Sources: Features Class A Driver Stage, MM Phono Preamplifier, and Passive Volume Control

Winner of five consecutive Best Stereo Amplifier of the Year Awards from acclaimed British audio journal What Hi-Fi?, the Rega Elex-R integrated amplifier features both audiophile-quality detail and engaging musicality. A 90Wpc unit combined with an innovative volume control and Class A driver stage, Elex-R serves as a highly flexible command center capable of meeting a wide range of system demands and driving speakers with aplomb. Given Rega's reputation for producing critically acclaimed turntables, it's no surprise the built-in moving-magnet phono preamplifier is amazingly quiet and transparent, revealing the tonal textures and thrilling dynamics of vinyl obscured by lesser designs. Rega manages to such performance at a modest price by keeping the construction straightforward, eliminating anything in the signal path that could compromise sonics.